Silver Jewelry Club ( – The Real Deal?

Want free, sterling silver jewelry? You might be able to get it at

They claim to send out real silver, designer jewelry for free. Yes, good stuff (like $50-90 retail) for free. But you do have to pay like $5.99 shipping and handling.

Not too bad though, for what you get. But what are you getting?

Melesse didn’t think it was the real deal, although it was well worth the cost. And it has been featured on the news – see the articles and video clips at Fox and CBS affiliates.

Most likely they are building a huge buzz around the website now, and eventually they’ll sell higher priced products. But if that’s the case, get your free stuff now! haha

So is a great deal and doesn’t look like a scam. Has anyone tried this?? What do you think of the jewelry?


19 responses

  1. I’ve ordered several pices of jewlery from there a few years ago. The pieces arrived quickly and looked just like the website pictures. I wouldn’t have paid $50 for any of it, though. It looks just like the stuff you can buy at Claires or Target for $5-10. I think it’s worth the shipping & handling charge.

  2. The silver part is real, but the stones aren’t. I took my first purchase to a jeweler to see if it indeed was silver, and it is. The stones are glass though. Still worth the money. Watch your credit card statement closely though. My card was compromised after I ordered my item from the silver jewelry club website.

  3. I’ve now purchased over 30 pieces. The price has went up to $6.99 but is still worth the price. I’ve bought several necklaces for my granddaughters also and they have strong chains. I haven’t bought any rings but lots of earrings and pendents. I will continue to buy more as time goes on as I am pleased with all my purchases.

  4. My swiss blue topaz ring chipped half the blue foil paint off the back of the so called genuine stone. It is now clear and blue glass and not worth the S&H of $6.99. I could have done better at the Dollar store. I am disapointed, it was pretty until it peeled after 7 wearings!
    STOP!!!!Dont waste your money, it’s a addiction to cheap free JUNK!

  5. There is a guarantee on their webpage where if you can prove that either the silver isn’t silver or the gemstones aren’t genuine then they’ll reward you ($1000). Might be worth a try.

  6. I think Ruth is lying about the “glass pealing”. I also took my ring to a jewelers and they told me that the silver and gems were real.

    Also, I’ve had some of my stuff for over 2 going on 3 years. Especially my favorite little pink heart shaped ring. It still looks just as beautiful as the day I bought it and I think the only people complaining are those who do not know how to take care of their jewelry. ANY PIECE of jewelry needs to be handled properly. You can’t change your oil or wash dishes in them or you’re going to damage it. It’s common sense. is great site and has very pretty, delicate jewelry that I like. I just wish I could find more sites like it for different things!

  7. I have purchased multiple items from , necklaces, rings,
    earrings and chains. They are a good value for the money.
    My daughter has worn one of the crosses for YEARS now and gets complements on it ALL the time.
    I even bought several mens things.
    I recommend the site to all.

  8. I was just recently introduced to this site, and I was very skeptical at first. I saw a smoky quarts ring that I loved and thought “what the heck?”. So I bought it, and it was even prettier than on the website. Im definitely buying more pieces. They’re addicting! I’ve even started buying them as gifts for my family and friends and they are all so impressed. Ruth, I think that you just needed something to complain about, but you didn’t need to make that crap up. I mean really, this site is sooo excellent. I just love it, and I recommend it to anybody!

  9. I haven’t ordered anything from the silver jewelry club yet. I’ve been checking the site for over a week now (its very addictive) but I haven’t found anything I wanted yet.

    I have ordered two rings from
    but I haven’t received them in the mail yet. Hopefully they’ll be good quality. Buying anything online makes me nervous but we’ll see how it goes. Have any of you used or ? I haven’t found anything on that I’ve liked but maybe it fits someone else’s taste.

    On they give you a free piece of jewelry with any order you just have to pay $3.45 to cover shipping on the free jewelry. I didn’t order any jewelry but still got free pearl earrings + shipping costs. It might be worth you looking into.

  10. If you simply want high quality jewelry for cheap, check out They currently have jewelry for under $20 plus free shipping. Enjoy.

  11. I’ve purchased probably about 20 items from their website over the past four years: pendents, rings, and earrings. I’ve given many away as gifts, but also wear some myself. I’ve never checked the gems or silver, but the quality appears very good – much better then the cheap stuff you find in department stores like Walmart. I have no complaints and will probably continue to order from them.

  12. I’ve purchased between 30 and 40 pieces (plus chains to go with the pendants). I’ve kept 6 pieces and given the others as gifts. I have not taken any to a jeweler to be checked but everything I’ve gotten has been beautiful and I am pleased with the quality. I’ve even gone to the full catalog at and purchased a couple of things. The pieces I’ve gotten are comparable to those that I’ve bought from QVC for $35 – $45. I have no complaints and will buy more as I see pieces that I like.

  13. I have bought around 50 pieces.Including some of the deal of the day. I have lots of gemstones and these look as good ,or in most cases better than some from qvc and hsn.The styles are simple. The sizes are small for todays standards. But will always be in style. I have a london blue topaz and peridot cross that people just go crazy over. I love the princess cut garnets! Have a bracelet and pendant and earrings. The smoky quartz are beautiful also. Really good buys! Also love some of the pairings like amethyst and citrine in pendants and earrings. Will contimue to give as gifts and buy for myself. No way do I think these are fake! I looped alot of them and they are REAL! Only been disappointed in one set of black diamonds.(cz’s) Don’t look as good as usual. But, other people loved them. Matter of taste.

  14. Actually I found the stuff looks just as cheap in person as it does in the picture. I like the stuff from ourjewelryclub better. They offer the “free piece” a lot too, but I think the pieces are more fun and are a better value.

  15. Maybe some of it is acutally real silver, but I bought a ring of of their actual site (peora) and it is NOT sterling silver. I know because I get an allergic reaction when I wear it…I am allergic to Nickel, which is found in cheaply made jewelry. I am not allergic to sterling silver. So they must have lied. I don’t recommend buying from this company, especially if you have an allergy.

  16. I ordered a pendant from Silver Jewelry Club and received a different item. It had the right kind of stone (peridot), but it’s not a style I like. I’ve emailed Silver Jewelry Club twice and Peora once without a reply from either yet. A company that doesn’t care about customer service isn’t worth anyone’s time.

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